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I Need Drivers For My Old X40 Model

Das Keyboard X40 - Drivers   The X40 Gaming Keyboard Software Driver can be downloaded from the following location :   https://www.daskeyboard.com/x40-m50-downloads/Or for a direct download use this download link:https://download.daskeyboard.com/utilities/x40-gaming-keyboard-driver-20151230.zip

M50 Gaming Mouse Software Driver

The M50 Gaming Mouse Software Driver can be downloaded from the following location :http://www.divisionzerogaming.com/downloads/

X40 Macro Recording Instructions

There are two ways to create Macros for the X40:Option 1: On the keyboard [no Software Driver needed]Option 2: Through the Software Driver Application Option 1: Press Fn+F12 [the MR key] to enter into the Macro Recording Mode [F12 indicator LED blinks] Press a M-key [eg. M1] to begin recording ...

M50 Macro Recording Instructions

To create Macros with the M50 Driver Software, follow these instructions: Open the Driver Software. Click Button Settings tab. Click Macro Manager. Click the New button. Name your macro. Hit enter to save name of macro. Hit Start Record button. Record your macro. Click stop Record button. Click ...

M50 Profile Cycling Instructions

The M50 mouse allows you to configure and customize 5 profile settings. While you must use the M50 Driver Software to setup your profiles, you do not need the software to actually swap between profiles. These profiles are actually saved onto the memory of the mouse, allowing you to take the mouse...

Cherry MX Keycaps - Removal and Installation

How To Remove Keycaps on Your Das Keyboard With Cherry MX Switches These instructions apply to the following models:  Das Keyboard 4 Professional Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Das Keyboard 4 Root Das Keyboard 4 for Mac Das Keyboard 4C TKL Das Keyboard 4Q Model S Model S Ultimate Mode...