Cherry MX Keycaps - Removal and Installation

How To Remove Keycaps on Your Das Keyboard With Cherry MX Switches

These instructions apply to the following models: 

  • Das Keyboard 4 Professional
  • Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate
  • Das Keyboard 4 Root
  • Das Keyboard 4 for Mac
  • Das Keyboard 4C TKL
  • Das Keyboard 4Q
  • Model S
  • Model S Ultimate
  • Model S for Mac
  • Prime 13

 This video provides Cherry MX keycap removal and installation instructions.



  • When removing keycaps from the keyboard with lighting, please make sure the keyboard is unplugged so that the LED backlights don’t blind your eyes.
  • Place the keycap puller on top of the keycap and make sure that when you pull up, you pull up straight vertically. Don’t wiggle it or remove the cap from an angle.
  • For keycaps with stabilizer bars, first, pull up the keycap to loosen it. Then push the keycap to one side to remove the keycap peg from the stabilizer bar on one end, then push it the opposite way to completely remove the keycap.


  • For most of the keys, just align the keycap over the switch, and push down.
  • For keycaps that need the stabilizer, first insert the pegs in, with the long edge of the peg pointing to the top. Then insert the keycap by angling the peg on one end and hooking it into the stabilizer bar. Continue pushing on this end, with enough force to insert the other peg to the other end of the stabilizer bar. Now align the keycap over the switch, and push down.