X40 Macro Recording Instructions

There are two ways to create Macros for the X40:

Option 1: On the keyboard [no Software Driver needed]

Option 2: Through the Software Driver Application

Option 1:

  1. Press Fn+F12 [the MR key] to enter into the Macro Recording Mode [F12 indicator LED blinks]
  2. Press a M-key [eg. M1] to begin recording [F12 indicator LED turns off]
  3. Type the keys [actions] to be recorded
  4. Press Fn+F12 [the MR key] again [F12 indicator LED turns on] to end recording. The drive will show the macro. Your Macro set is successful.

Option 2:

  • Open the Driver Software.

  • Open the Macro Settings tab.

Division Zero X40 Software 1

  • Select one of the drop down menus for each of the M keys.

  • Mouse over Assign a Macro and click on Macro Manager.

Division Zero X40 Software 2

  • (red)Click New, name your macro, and hit enter. (green)Click the start record button. (orange)Enter in the keys for your Macro. (green)Click stop record button. (purple)Click OK to exit macro manager window.

Division Zero X40 Software 3

  • (red)Click an M button to assign your macro too. (green)Click apply, click OK to save settings.

Division Zero X40 Software 4

Success! Your macro has been successfully set.