M50 Macro Recording Instructions

To create Macros with the M50 Driver Software, follow these instructions: - Open the Driver Software. - Click Button Settings tab. - Click Macro Manager. - Click the New button. Name your macro. - Hit enter to save name of macro. - Hit Start Record button. Record your macro. - Click stop Record button. - Click OK to save macro. To assign Macro to a key on the mouse, follow these instructions : - Open the Driver Software. - Click Button Settings tab. - Select any button you want to tie the macro to. - A drop down menu will appear. At the top is Assign Macro. - Mouse over Assign Macro and click Select a Macro. - A box will pop up with a dropdown menu on the left and 3 check boxes to the right. - In the dropdown menu will be the macros you created in Macro Manager. - Select a macro, and then check in one of the three boxes on how you’d like the macro to operate. - Click OK. The Macro key is assigned. Click apply, click OK to exit software. Screenshots for reference : ------------------------ - Click Macro Manager ![Division Zero M50 Macro Recording 1](http://www.daskeyboard.com/blog/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/m50pic1.png) - Click New. This will populate a text field in the assign macro column. This is where you name your macro. I’ve named it testone. You will see it in the following screenshot. ![Division Zero M50 Macro Recording 2](http://www.daskeyboard.com/blog/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/m50pic2.png) - As you can see, the macro has been named after clicking New, naming macro, and hitting Enter to save the name. - You’ll notice two green circles on the Start Record Button. When you Click start record, it will turn into Stop Record. Enter some keystrokes and they will appear in the Key Combination column. When you’re done entering keystrokes, hit Stop Record. - Click OK to save the macro. ![Division Zero M50 Macro Recording 3](http://www.daskeyboard.com/blog/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/m50pic3.png) - Click any button in the Button Settings screen that you want to assign the macro to. A dropdown menu will appear. Highlight Assign Macro and click Select a Macro. ![Division Zero M50 Macro Recording 4](http://www.daskeyboard.com/blog/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/m50pic4.png) - In the dropdown menu on the left, select a macro that you’ve created. Check in one of the three options on how you’d like the Macro to perform. Click OK to save. ![Division Zero M50 Macro Recording 5](http://www.daskeyboard.com/blog/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/m50pic5.png) - Success! testone is now an assigned macro in button settings. Click apply, click OK to exit the software. ![Division Zero M50 Macro Recording 6](http://www.daskeyboard.com/blog/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/m50pic6.png)  
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