Resetting the 5QS

Resetting the 5QS (Soft Reset and Full Memory Reset)

For this article, keys and key combinations will be represented by bold italics, unless specifically referred to as a key. 

If you ever need to reset your keyboard for troubleshooting purposes or to clear customizations saved to the keyboard (i.e. the NVRAM), there are two options, a soft reset and a factory reset.

  • To soft reset the keyboard, press and hold FN + TAB for 4 seconds. This restarts the keyboard firmware and is the equivalent to unplugging the keyboard.

  • To hard reset the keyboard, press and hold FN + TAB for 10 seconds. This will put the keyboard into factory reset mode and all LEDs will turn off. The LEDs will then blink yellow in loop: R-E-S-E-T-?, where the Y key is illuminated red, and the Esc key is illuminated blue.
    • Holding the Y key for 4 seconds will clear the NVRAM.
    • Pressing Esc or any other key exits factory reset mode.

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