Resetting the 5QS

Resetting the 5QS (Soft Reset and Full Memory Reset)

If you ever need to reset your keyboard for troubleshooting purposes or to clear customizations saved to the keyboard (i.e. the NVRAM), there are two options, a soft reset, and a factory reset.
To soft reset the keyboard, press and hold FN + TAB for 4 seconds. This restarts the keyboard firmware and is the equivalent of unplugging the keyboard.

To hard reset the keyboard, press and hold FN + TAB for 10 seconds. This will put the keyboard into factory reset mode and all LEDs will turn off. The LEDs will then blink yellow in a loop: R-E-S-E-T-?, where the Y key is illuminated red, and the Esc key is illuminated blue.

  • Holding the Y key for 4 seconds will clear the NVRAM.
  • Pressing Esc or any other key exits factory reset mode.
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