Squeaking Large Keys [spacebar, shift, etc.]

One of My Keys Is Squeaking!

 A squeaking large key is typically caused by a metal stabilizer bar which will need to be lubricated.
 You can lubricate the key yourself by following these steps:
 1. Large keys are hooked to a stabilizer bar, so it is not as easy to pull them off by simply pulling them straight up. Each large key has two additional connections on the left and right side of the switch, so it is recommended not to pull them off all the way to lubricate them, so you do not have to reconnect the stabilizer bar. To remove the keys, use a keycap puller, and carefully pull up on the key until you feel it release from the plastic section of the switch. You will only need to loosen the key cap enough to rock it to one side so you can lubricate the metal or plastic pieces. It's helpful to remove the keys immediately surrounding it to allow easier access.
 2. Apply a small amount of lubricant or oil to the stabilizer bar, being careful not to touch the key switch.
 3. When finished, you should be able to adjust the key slightly and push it back into it's plastic switch holster.
 For easier understanding of how this works, we have a video that goes through how to lubricate your keys as well:
 * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxuMRj5BvoA&feature=emb_title
We do not recommend using WD-40 or other petroleum-based solvents as they can cause damage to plastic over time. White Lithium Grease or Super Lube (synthetic and safe for plastics) is recommended.