Help! I Updated My 4Q and Lost My Profiles!

Lost 4Q RGB and Connection To Software After Firmware Update

There is an uncommon glitch that can occur after updating the 4Q's firmware that causes the keyboard to lose connectivity with the software, which in turns causes a loss of RGB functionality as well. 

To resolve this, please do the following steps in order:

  1. Locate Q Software file folder. Likely under the file path C:\Program Files (x86) and in a folder marked "Das Keyboard Q".
  2. Delete/uninstall all of these files completely.
  3. Locate any Das Keyboard firmware .exes that might have downloaded in the past and delete those. Likely located in computer's DOWNLOADS folder.
  4. Restart computer.

After that is done, please do a manual firmware update. This will help the keyboard communicate with the Q Software. Manual firmware update steps:

  1. Download keyboard layout's respective firmware:

US Layout 4Q:

EU Layout 4Q:

  1. Please make sure the 4Q is the only keyboard connected, go to .exe that was downloaded, run the .exe file and go through it's steps/setup. Make sure the keyboard does not disconnect during this process.

After this is done, reinstall Q software; and use keyboard as normal.

For further assistance, please submit a ticket.