Updating Your DK4 Mac's Firmware

Updating Your Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mac's Firmware

  • Download the firmware updater here:
  • Unzip and double click on the app (DKFW-HYKBUtility). 
  • You should see the FW upgrader. If there is a security warning, please scroll down this page for instructions on allowing our application.
  • Click on "Get Firmware Version" and write down the firmware version it tells you, in case we need it.
  • Click Firmware Update and locate the firmware file you unzipped labelled "L2175V16". Select that file and install it.
  • Done.

If the firmware updater prompts a security warning:

Your Mac may display a security alert like this one:

If you see this security warning, you'll need to tell MacOS to allow this app. Open System Preferences then Security & Privacy settings:

In Security & Privacy option click on Open Anyway:

You are now ready to try step one in this document and run the firmware app. 

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