What the keys with a Das Keyboard icon do on the 6 Pro

On the Das Keyboard 6 Professional, there are two keys with a Das Keyboard icon inscription. The left key is a Windows key, which opens up the Windows menu for the program you are currently in, and the right key is a function key that is reserved for future use. 

What is a Windows Key

The Windows key, also known as a Winkey, provides shortcuts when you are using the Windows operating system. On most Das Keyboard models, the Windows logo is replaced with the Das Keyboard icon. Here are some common shortcuts using this key:

  • Windows key  + Up arrow: Maximize Window
  • Windows  key  + Tab: Open Task View
  • Windows  key  + D: Display and hide the desktop
  • Windows key  + X: Open the Quick Link menu
  • Windows key  + L: Lock your PC
  • Windows key  + PrtScn or Fn + Windows key + spacebar: Takes a screenshot to take a screenshot