About the Das Keyboard Loyalty Program

Information Regarding The Das Keyboard Loyalty Discount

The keyboard you have come to love has met with an untimely demise. Your cat jumps up and spills your morning coffee all over your beloved board thus rendering it useless.  We appreciate that you are a Das Keyboard enthusiast so we have a solution!  To help soften the blow of your loss and reward you for your loyalty, we offer a Loyalty Discount. Simply open a ticket on our helpdesk and we will send you a code to apply at checkout.

Here are the details of our Loyalty Discount program:

  • 30% off a new keyboard plus free ground shipping (exceptions apply for Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Discount applies to all current selling models purchased directly from www.daskeyboard.com
  • Does not apply to refurbished keyboards, accessories, models on sale or part of a promotion
  • This coupon is limited to one keyboard per person.