Toggling Scroll Lock On Your Das Keyboard

Toggling Scroll Lock

For this article, keys and key combinations will be represented by bold italics , unless specifically referred to as a key.

The Scroll Lock button can be found on the Das Keyboard 4C TKL, 5Q, 5QS, 4Q, X50Q, 4 Professional, 4 Ultimate, 4 root, Model S, and Prime 13 models. It can be turned on by pressing the "Scr Lk" button in between the Prt Sc and Pause buttons on most models. When you press this button an LED light will light up by the ⤓ symbol. 

The Scroll Lock is typically used by those who frequently use Microsoft Excel. When the scroll lock is off and you are using Excel, the arrow keys will highlight an adjacent cell, but when you turn it on, the arrow keys will instead scroll through the entire worksheet. 

Others have also been known to use Scroll Lock use it as a free key for a macro, or as a hotkey to switch your keyboard between two computers or devices. 

Here is the exact placement of the scroll lock indicator light, pictured on the 4Q.