How to Use Gaming Mode on the 5Q, 5QS, and X50Q

Using Gaming Mode on Your 5Q, 5QS, and X50Q

For this article, keys and key combinations will be represented by bold italics , unless specifically referred to as a key.

What is Gaming Mode?

Gaming Mode disables the Alt, Tab, and Windows Keys to prevent accidentally closing or quitting your game or program. Das Keyboard models X50Q, 5Q, 5QS, and 4C TKL all come equipped with the Gaming Mode utility. Gaming Mode activation keys are displayed on the keyboard with an indicator light that shows a Tetris symbol by the arrow keys on the 5Q and 5QS, and above the brightness key on the X50Q.

How to Turn Gaming Mode on and off

Press FN + PAUSE to turn on gaming mode on the X50Q, 5Q, and 5QS. Press  FN + PAUSE again to turn gaming mode off. 

The Tetris symbol indicator light (next to the caps, number, and scroll lock lights) will show if gaming mode is on or off.