Toggling Full-NKRO On Any Das Keyboard 4 Models

What is NKRO?

`NKRO` refers to N-key rollover. A keyboard with 6-key-rollover can register 6 sets at the same time, while a keyboard with full-N-key rollover can register as many keys as you can press at once without "dropping" any characters. This means that your Das Keyboard will keep up no matter how fast you type.

NOTE: By default, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional, 4 Professional for Mac, 4 Ultimate, 4Q, 4 root, and 4C TKL come with full NKRO toggled off, and 6 key-rollover comes enabled for compatibility reasons.

How to Turn on Full N-Key Rollover

On the bottom of every Das Keyboard model you will find the instructions for turning NKRO on and off.

  • For the 4 Professional, 4 Ultimate, and 4 root press SHIFT + MUTE. The LED light by the media controls will blink once when NKRO is turned on. Press SHIFT + MUTE to turn NKRO off, and the LED light will blink twice. 
  • On the 4 Professional for Mac, press FN + F13. The LED light above the play/pause button will blink once when NKRO is on, and twice when it is turned off. 
  • For the 4C TKL press FN + F11 to turn NKRO on. All three LED lights (Gaming Mode, Caps Lock & Scroll Lock) will blink once when NKRO is turned on, and twice when NKRO is turned off. 
  • For the 4Q, press CTRL + Q SOFTWARE BUTTON to turn on/off NKRO.