How Do I Request a Review Unit/Keyboard?

Requesting a Review Product as an Influencer, Media Outlet, or Otherwise

Das Keyboard is always looking for earned media and reviews from applicable media outlets, review websites, comparison websites, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube influencers. To be considered for a review unit, one must meet the below requirements. If you meet the review criteria below and are a member of the media, please email Otherwise, please submit a ticket and your request will be considered in a timely manner.

Review Unit Criteria for Websites & Social Influencers

  • Website or social accounts does not promote violence, adult situations, profanity, or hate speech of any kind
  • Website or social accounts have covered electronics in the past, or have an audience interested in premium electronics
  • Is not a deal or coupon site
  • Has a minimum of 100,000 monthly visitors to their website
  • Has a social media following of at least 50,000 fans, followers, and/or subscribers

If you have additional questions about review units or have a unique case, please submit a ticket.