How To Create Custom Built-In RGB Profiles On the 5QS

How To Use The Built-in Profile Editor To Create Custom RGB Profiles On The 5QS

For this article, keys and key combinations will be represented by bold italics , unless specifically referred to as a key. 

The 5QS has the ability to create advanced RGB profiles, and save them to the keyboard. (Editing of animated color profiles is not currently supported.) To create a profile, you’ll use a variety of keyboard shortcuts to write the profile to the keyboard’s memory. 

  1. Before editing, select one of 8 slots to save the customized profile to. Press FN + F1-F8 (choose one) to select the slot you'd like to edit. The F1-F8 key that was selected will blink three times.

  2. Enter EDIT MODE by pressing FN + INSERT. The entire keyboard will flash red 3 times to show that you have correctly entered EDIT MODE. The Volume Knob will flash red continuously until you’ve exited EDIT MODE.

  3. Use the following commands to select the keys you would like to edit :
        * Select all keys: FN + A (all keys will slowly blink in their current color selection)
        * Deselect all keys: FN + Z (keys will stop blinking)
        * Select an individual key: Press any individual key (adds key to the selection and will blink with the current color)
        * Select the Fn key: FN + F (if it is already selected it will deselect the FN key)
        * Deselect an individual key: If a key is already selected, press it again to deselect it

  4. Change the selected key's color by turning the VOLUME KNOB. Turning the volume knob cycles through the different colors. Here are the available colors:
        * White (ffffff)
        * Black (000000)
        * Red (ff0000)
        * Orange (ff7700)
        * Yellow (ffff00)
        * Light Green (77ff00)
        * Green (00ff00)
        * Sea Green (00ff77)
        * Light Blue (00ffff)
        * Dark Blue (0077ff)
        * Blue (0000ff)
        * Purple (7700ff)
        * Magenta (ff00ff)
        * Pink (ff0077)

  5. Press down on the VOLUME KNOB to save the current edit; so that you may continue on to other color edits. (This will not exit from EDIT MODE or write the profile to the keyboard.)
        * If you make an edit that you do not enjoy , you can completely clear color from any selected keys by pressing FN + BACKSPACE.

  6. To save the profile make sure to press DOWN ON THE VOLUME WHEEL after your most recent edit; and then exit Edit Mode with FN + INSERT. At this point, you have built your custom profile! You can use it by pressing FN + (F1-F8 depending on what you assigned)