How to Utilize Your Mac Function Keys (F1,F2,...)

Mac Function Keys - How do they work on a Das Keyboard Mac-compatible board?

For this article, keys and key combinations will be represented by bold italics , unless specifically referred to as a key.

Although the Das Keyboard Mac boards such as the Model S For Mac or the Professional For Mac are Mac-compatible, they may function a bit differently than a native Apple keyboard. Due to the way that Apple links with certain 3rd-party boards, some features are lost in translation--such as the Mac Function Keys (F1,F2,...).

However, this is no issue; and for Mac users that prefer to configure their function keys we have the perfect solution.

Configuring Your Function Keys

We recommend Karabiner Elements . Karabiner Elements is a free, simple, and safe key remapping program for Mac computers/keyboards. Upon installation, you will automatically gain the use of your function keys.

You will also find yourself able to remap other functions, keys, and commands for easy customization and utilization of your board!

You may find their website here.