How to Disable Alt, Tab and the Windows Key while Gaming.

If you are wondering why your Windows, `Alt`, or `Tab` keys are not working, then it is likely because you are in `gaming mode`. You can tell by checking your gaming mode indicator light. It will have a `tetris` symbol labeling it. The Das Keyboard models X50, 5Q, X40, and 4C all come equipped with a utility called `Gaming Mode`. Gaming Mode activation keys are displayed on the keyboard with the `tetris` symbol icon on their front side. Usually these keys used in unison with the `FN` key will turn on and off Gaming Mode. Gaming Mode is ON, it deactivates `ALT`, `TAB` and `Windows` keys. The intent is to prevent a gamer to loose window focus or quit a game by hitting one of these keys. When gaming mode is active, you will notice that the Gaming Mode indicator light will be lit. The indicator light will be labelled with the same tetris symbol seen on the activation key. When Gaming Mode is off the light will be off.
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