Setting up the X50Q

**If you have recently procured your new X50Q and are not able to connect the the [Q Software](, it is likely that you need to install the firmware for your new board.** To do this, completely shutdown the software and the service in the task manager (make sure you turn off the das service in the services tab. The service will be titled "das_keyboard_q-service"). Click [here]( to download the x50 firmware. Run the exe to install the firmware. Make sure the x50 is the only board connected to the computer at the time and do not use the board or disconnect it while the update takes place. Once it has been completed go back to the task manager and turn the service back on and open the software again and it should connect. If you don't yet see the connection, please restart the computer. For more information about the firmware and software for your board please visit [](
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