Switching to Mac Mode on Your Das Keyboard 5Q or 5QS

5Q/5QS - Mac Mode 

For this article, keys and key combinations will be represented by bold italics , unless specifically referred to as a key.

To switch to Mac Mode on your keyboard use CTRL + SHIFT + MEDIA FORWARD simultaneously.*

After Mac Mode is activated you will see that the far left LED above your arrow keys will have turned green.

When Mac Mode is toggled off the LED should no longer be green.

Switching to Mac Mode will do the following things:

  • Moves the CMD and OPTION keys in the correct locations
  • Moves the FN key one key to the right
  • Enables screen brightness on F14 and F15 (5Q ONLY)
    • Disables Gaming Mode

* (Please note that this pertains to boards that are on firmware v7.3.253)