Keyset to change Color Profile Manually from the 5Q Keyboard

There are several color profiles embedded into the firmware of the 5Q. To use the 5Q onboard color profiles use `FN`+ `1`-`6` on the `NUMPAD`. ![5Q]( Most of the variant profiles will be static colors but a few will have active color profiles. **Please Note:** this will only work if the Q Software is not running. The profiles and key combos are as follows: `FN` + `NUMPAD 1` = `BLUE PROFILE` ![5QBLUE]( `FN` + `NUMPAD 2` = `GREEN PROFILE` ![5QGREEN]( `FN` + `NUMPAD 3' = `RED PROFILE` ![5QRED]( `FN` + `NUMPAD 4` = `FULL BOARD SOLID COLOR ROTATION` ![5QSOLID]( `FN` + `NUMPAD 5` = `SLOW RAINBOW ROTATION` ![5QSLOW]( `FN` + `NUMPAD 6` = `WHITE FINGER IMPRINT` ![5QIMPRINT](
Published on: 2018-05-23 See other articles in Das Keyboard 5Q.