How to use the Q software

The Q Software has three modes : Illumination, Signal Center, and Dashboard. - Illumination Mode allows you to customize the backlighting on your 5Q keyboard. You can set any key to any color in the RGB spectrum, as well as assign different lighting effects to those keys. - The Signal Center allows you to you view any activity going on with the signals you’ve created for your keyboard. For example, if you created an IFTTT signal to make the “g” key on your keyboard blink red when you receive an email from your boss, this signal notification would show up in the signal center so you can review it and archive it accordingly. - Dashboard Mode allows you to view all signals that you’ve created for your keyboard via IFTTT or Zapier, or any other API compatible with the 5Q. Clicking a key/keys set to a certain signal in Dashboard Mode will bring you to the Signal Center. If you have the 5Q software downloaded and installed, please view the Welcome video for a brief overview and tutorial on the Q software.
Published on: 2018-02-19
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