How to Turn NKRO on and off on the Prime 13

NKRO - Prime 13

For this article, keys and key combinations will be represented by bold italics , unless specifically referred to as a key. 

What is NKRO?

NKRO refers to N-key rollover. A keyboard with full n-key rollover can register as many keys as you can press at once without "dropping" any characters. This means that no matter how fast you type, your Das Keyboard will keep up.

Toggling NKRO 

  • To turn on full-NKRO: Press FN + F12 ; the lock LEDs will flash once to show NKRO is ON 
  • To turn NKR off: Press  FN + F12   twice to switch OFF 

These instructions can also be found underneath the Das Keyboard Prime 13.