How to clean a Das Keyboard

Besides being a typing machine, keyboards have a tendency to attract dust, crumbs and stuff. Let’s call it DCS – that’s the technical term. From time to time, your keyboard will need a little cleaning.


To clean the enclosure and the top of the keys, use a slightly humid, 100% cotton cloth (like an old t-shirt) or — even better — a microfiber cloth. If your keyboard is especially dirty, you can use a drop of isopropyl alcohol or a tiny, little drop of diluted liquid soap. Don’t apply undiluted soap or alcohol directly on the keyboard.

  1. Remove the small key caps (e.g. letters, numbers, not the space bar, return, etc…).
  2. Place the keyboard upside-down and shake it so the DCS falls out from between the keys.
  3. Use a brush and compressed air (don’t shake the can) to remove the DCS.
  4. You can also disassemble the enclosure for better access but this will void the warranty.


So now you know the do’s. Here are the don’ts. These will void the warranty for sure.

  1. Don’t remove the large key caps, because they are extremely hard to put back in place.
  2. Don’t immerse the keyboard in a liquid.
  3. While dishwashers serve a good cause, they are not recommended for our keyboards.