Using your PC Das Keyboard on a Mac computer

I'd Like to Use My PC Das Keyboard on My Mac Computer

For this article, keys and key combinations will be represented by bold italics, unless specifically referred to as a key. 

Although a Mac computer will recognize your PC Das Keyboard immediately, you may find that it's utilities do not transfer over as well. For example, you may find yourself unable to use your F1,F2, etc. keys or your COMMAND key may be located differently.

Configuring Your Board to Make It More Mac-Oriented

For quick and easy usage of your PC Das Keyboard on a Mac computer, we suggest usage of a third-party software called Karabiner Elements.

Karabiner Elements is a simple, free, and safe key remapping software for Mac. Upon installation and launch, you will find that you are able to map your function keys as well as any other keys that you would like to remap.

You can download Karabiner Elements below. The link also contains their documentation for ease of use:

Note: It is suggested that certain Das Keyboard models are strictly PC only, such as the 4Q and X50Q. This is due to their complexity compared to a board such as the Das Keyboard 4 Professional. The mix of lighting, smart controls, and our Q Software makes it so they should be left strictly used on computers that they are compatible with.

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