How to remove and replace keycaps for the Gamma Zulu switches

The keycaps for the Gamma Zulu switch are quite different from the MX type of switch. However, that being said, the process of removing the keycap from the switch is practically identical. Using a key puller, place the key puller on top of the switch and press down until it latches to the bottom of the keycap. Pull straight up, and viola! The keycap is removed. Simply place the keycap back on top of the switch and press down until seated. It's important to note that you do not pull the keycap off of the switch at an angle. The prongs of the keycap are inserted into the switch itself when it's seated - which means if you remove the keycap at an angle, you can potentially break the prong inside the keycap. **Always** remove the keycap by pulling the keycap straight up from the switch.
Published on: 2018-02-20 See other articles in Das Keyboard 5Q, Das Keyboard X50.